Make My Head Grow

Make My Head Grow launched for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

** The 2011 Nordic Game Jam indie sensation is finally here on iPhone and iPad.
It´s the frantic competetive head-smashing rush you´ve been waiting for! **

Charge your growling face and smash it to the ground to make your head grow.
Throw yourself against the walls of your tiny prison to push your bro towards his doom.
Bask in the glory of a perfectly timed attack.


Make My Head Grow features:

* Two player battle on one device, this is no joke!
* Two boxes, two contestants and loads of exploding heads
* Mindless AI on three difficulty levels (like you need it!)
* Visually stunning black, white and red graphics
* Original game played over one million times on
* A growling soundtrack and a surprisingly catchy theme tune
* Challenges lets you keep honing your skills for hours


Kick your bro off the ledge to prove you can grow the biggest head!

Want to try out the original flash game made at the Nordic Game Jam in 2009?

Play Make My Head Grow

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